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coming nov. 2019: “the rbg way”

The RBG Way: The Secrets of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Success offers wisdom from Justice Ginsburg based on her own words, research into her life & career, and nearly 20 interviews with experts, colleagues and friends. Insight is offered on subjects such as women’s rights, creating lasting partnerships, how to be brave, and how to create lasting change.


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The US promised thousands of foreign interpreters special immigrant visas. Now they’re trapped.

“We are the bridge, the translation, between the US army and the Iraqi people there. That’s it. And what happened? I get shot in my face, and in my hand, I have nerve damage, I can’t hear in my left ear, I can’t close my left eye, because of that." — Khalid Al-Baidhani, a former translator for the US military




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